Other Services

Services provided to Projects in ICT Sector
  • Telecommunication Authority of Fiji (TAF): Numbering Plan
  • Telecommunication Authority of Fiji (TAF): Spectrum Survey
  • Telecommunication Authority of Fiji (TAF): Regulatory Impact Assessment
  • Telecommunication Consultants India Ltd: Managed alliance with a Firm in Abu Dhabi
Services provided to Projects in Mining Sector
  • Hindustan Zinc Ltd: Set up a PERT Based system for Physical Progress Monitoring as well as keeping track of costs against budget
  • Introducing Risk Management System and Training Staff in Risk Management at KHAN BANK Mongolia as an ADB Consultant.
Regulatory Impact Assessment
  • Parliament of NSW – Examining Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) and tabling reports in Parliament
  • Parliament of NSW – Cost Benefit Analysis Report on Subordinate Legislation Act
  • TAF Fiji- Regulatory impact assessment of reforms brought about in ICT Sector

Reference: Tevita-Feedback

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