Eze Solutions provides a comprehensive, integrated service to the public and private sector clients. Not only in Australia and New Zealand, it’s clients based extends world over. Its strength lies in having staff on its consulting roster with multidisciplinary training/experience e.g. qualifications in Engineering + Economics/Finance, Risk Management, strategic asset management, ICT etc. and extensive experience in carrying out specialised studies for complex projects.

Its skills include:

Risk Management Plan

In these studies risks to a project from inception to commissioning are identified, analysed, risk-handling strategies worked out and action plans prepared for mitigating the risks. A workshop is conducted of all the stakeholders, followed by preparation of a well-documented Risk Management Plan and a Risk Register.

Other areas of expertise of Eze Solutions within Risk Management are:

  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Strategic Business Risk Management

Almost about 100 Risk Management studies have been carried out by Eze Solutions so far.

Economic Evaluation

These studies justify the investment taking into account resource costs and benefits to the “economy”. Taxes, grants and subsidies are excluded to reflect the “resource cost/benefits” to the National Economy.  User benefits are included by converting them into  “tangible benefits” e.g. costs saving to drivers as a result of travel time saving on a road or rail network.

About 100 studies have been carried out by EZE Solutions so far in this area.

Financial Appraisal

A financial appraisal takes into account the cash flow of the organisation and “profit” generated. It essentially views investment decision from the perspective of a “private” individual undertaking the project, just as a private sector would. In financial appraisal subsidies, grants, taxes are included and user benefits (or costs) excluded.

Some clients may wish to show economic evaluation results separately to financial appraisal results for comparative purposes. We usually carry out both the studies as part of one assignment and document them separately in the same report.

Value Management Studies

A Value Management study involves carrying out the following in a stakeholder workshop:

  • The establishment of business objectives;
  • Coming up with project options to meet the business objectives;
  • Evaluating and ranking of options on the basis of agreed criteria;
  • Selecting an Option that is the best ‘value for money’; and
  • An Action Plan

Emphasis is not on coming up with a least cost option but on selecting an option that is best “value for money” based on an evaluation against a criteria agreed in a stakeholder workshop.

A well-documented VM report is prepared. We have carried out almost 50 VM studies so far.

Business Cases

Business cases are comprehensive justification of investment in a project and starting with objectives looks at issues such as Options available to meet the objectives, risk assessment, environmental impact, financial analysis, economic analysis, etc. Based on these considerations it recommends the best option to proceed with. These days before an investment decision is made Business Cases are almost a mandatory requirement. Eze Solutions has carried out a large of Business Cases for RailCorp, NSW Transport as well as NSW Government.

Post Completion Review

Post Completion Reviews (PCR) provides useful feedback to improve the delivery of future similar projects by enabling “lessons learnt” to be drawn.

Recommendations from PCRs are presented in a seminar to all the project stakeholders and all those involved in similar future projects.

Eze Solutions has carried out almost 50 PCRs so far.

Project Health Checks

These enable a project’s health to be checked midstream to make sure that deliverables will be delivered in time, within the budgeted costs and of the required quality. Using a popular software tool project’s resource requirements, control, planning, risk management, communications etc. are bench marked against industry best practise when a project has progressed at least 25% into its estimated life. Recommendations are made and an Action Plan is prepared for corrective actions.

Environmental Management Plan (EMP)/REF

Environmental Management Planning is becoming more and more important day by day for projects. EZE Solutions has strong skills in this area and has been involved in the following: Preparation of Review of Environmental Factors (REF)/Environmental Management Plans (EMP)/Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), Noxious Weed Control, Revegetation Plans, Noise and Vibration assessment / control and training project staff in the above areas.

Gateway Reviews

Gateway Reviews are usually carried out in six stages and provide the Project Owner with an independent view of the program/project and whether it is likely to or has met the project objectives, depending on the stage that it is carried out at. Eze Solutions Consultants are accredited to do these, having undergone the necessary training, and have vast experience in this area. Some of the major projects on which have carried out Gateway Review are:

  • South Moorang Rail Extension $500M Rail Project in Melbourne
  • TGP Road project with a capital cost of $1.3 B in NZ

Monitoring and Evaluation


Monitoring and Evaluation has been a key area of Eze Solutions Pty Ltd. We have designed and implemented a large number of M&E Systems in various countries including India, Nigeria, Ghana, PNG, Australia and Fiji and has worked in various sectors including Agriculture, Rural development, ICT, Agro-industries etc. Eze Solutions have been involved in carrying out field surveys to produce impact evaluation reports on targeted beneficiary population.

Regulatory Impact Evaluation

Regulatory impact assessment is carried out by ES through a structured stakeholder consultation involving an analytical “cost benefit” approach. It provides valuable input into benefits accruing to the targeted beneficiary population and compares to these to the social/economic and financial cost.

QA Services

AIM FOR QUALITY: The aim of the quality management system is to ensure that the quality of Client’s services consistently meets the agreed requirements.

Eze Solutions provides comprehensive QA services to Clients, including documenting Business Management Systems from scratch, audit of internal systems as well as of suppliers and contractors. Our system will achieve and maintain certification to the Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000.

It has on board accredited QA professionals.

Staff Training

Training professional staff in risk management, investment appraisal, safety and environmental management is a forte of Eze Solutions. It has extensive experience in training in these areas and can deliver either tailor made or standard training programmes at reasonable client costs.

Safety Management Plan

A Project Safety Management Plan is a document setting out the specific requirements for resources, responsibilities, procedures and practices to ensure safe working in a project.

Eze Solutions’ consultants are well versed with Safety Management Systems and Procedures used in Australia. They are also very well conversant with the OH&S Regulations.

Temporary / Casual Staff Placement

Eze Solutions can supply trained Project Managers, Project Engineers and other project staff on short/long term contracts or on temporary / casual basis as well as on short notices